Tax Preparation for LLC

Tax Preparation for LLC Written by: Michael Green Even Limited Liability Corporations (LLC) require tax preparation. With LLC tax preparation, it can be complex. Therefore, a little practice makes it less painless. Depending on business tax status, its preparation involves tax forms and rules. It might be taxed the same as partnerships, proprietorships, or corporations.… Continue reading Tax Preparation for LLC

Why hire a CPA for your business?

Why hire a CPA for your business? Written by: Michael Green Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a crown title for an individual who owns credited public accounting skills. From this definition, it is quite clear why hiring CPA services will be an unprecedented move towards your enterprise’s growth. Every enterprise’s core aim, existing or coming… Continue reading Why hire a CPA for your business?

Corporate Tax Preparation

Corporate Tax Preparation Written by: Michael Green Corporate tax preparations are done differently from other regular businesses. They have a separate taxpayer entity. The corporate tax preparation has special deductions and taxation forms. However, most small corporations are free to choose how they will be taxed. The reason why corporations are taxed differently from others… Continue reading Corporate Tax Preparation

Minimum Distributions On Your Retirement Plans Are Back

Minimum Distributions On Your Retirement Plans Are Back Written by: Michael Green For just a year, required minimum distributions on retirement plans were suspended. This move was authorized under the CARES Act and applied to specific types of retirement plans. The CARES Act, or Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, delivered coronavirus relief to… Continue reading Minimum Distributions On Your Retirement Plans Are Back

Business Tax Planning

Business Tax Planning Written by: Michael Green We all want to keep the fruits of our labor. You’ll discover how to maximize your tax savings by setting up a restructuring plan to reduce your tax burden. Our services include assistance in managing your personal and business taxes and reviewing your retirement and severance plans so… Continue reading Business Tax Planning

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